external image $%28KGrHqN,!gsFCYWGQ%29hzBQu3JVFg+w~~_32-500x500-0-0.JPGIn addition to our vocal music experience, Pierce Panthers in 3-4 grades will learn how to play the soprano baroque recorder.

It is suggested that all students in grades 3-5 purchase two recorders - one recorder for their backpacks and one recorder to keep at home. It is also suggested that these students have a binder for their recorder music. Dr. Manovski will provide all music and will have a classroom set of recorders made available during class.

Dr. Manovski shall scaffold the Pierce Community toward being able to independently sing each piece of music in their packets, too - on pitch names and/or words provided - while showcasing proper vocal development and fingerings on their recorders. Students will then be working toward playing their songs on their recorders toward mastery.

If any student has lost their music: Dr. Manovski will be happy to make the a new packet! Learners may receive supplemental packets of music, too.

If you would like Dr. Manovski to order recorders for you, please send cash or checks payable to Pierce Elementary School, along with the ORDER FORM.


If you would like to purchase your own recorders, please make sure they are similar to THESE.

Here are the songs our learners shall aim to learn:

Third Grade:

  • First Degree Songs: Completed between December or January

    1. Let's Play "B"
    2. Let's Play "A"
    3. Let's Play "A" & "B"
    4. "A" & "B" Again
    5. Let's Play "G"
    6. It's in the B-A-G
    7. Merrily We Roll Along
    8. Au Claire de la Lune
    9. Mrs. C's March
  • Second Degree Songs: Completed between April or May

    1. Hot Cross Buns
    2. Gently Sleep
    3. Merrily We Roll Along
    4. Indian Chant
    5. Rockin' Along
    6. Rain, Rain, Go Away
    7. French Tune
    8. Jingle Bells
    9. Lightly Row

Fourth Grade:

  • Third Degree Songs: Completed by December or January

    1. Go Tell Aunt Rhody
    2. Rockin' Recorders
    3. Chi Chi Cha Cha
    4. It's Raining
    5. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    6. When the Saints Go Marching In
    7. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
    8. Amazing Grace
    9. Ode to Joy

  • Fourth Degree Songs: Completed by April or May

    1. The Barcarolle
    2. German Waltz
    3. Fais Do Do
    4. Yankee Doodle
    5. Polly Wolly Doodle
    6. Shortenin' Bread
    7. Oh, Susanna (Bb)
    8. Chiapanecas (Duet)
    9. Gaelic Melody (Middle C)
    10. Do Re Mi

Fifth Grade:

  • Packet: 1-12 by December-January; 13-23 by April or May

    1. All Alone
    2. Starburst
    3. Song of the Sea
    4. Get Ready
    5. Ocean Breeze
    6. Für Elise
    7. Leapin' Lizard
    8. The Clock and the Moon
    9. The Secret Stairway
    10. Going Home
    11. Shake It Up
    12. Sanctuary
    13. Islan Dance
    14. G. J. Waltz
    15. Rigadoon
    16. The Grand Duke of York
    17. Pease Pudding Hot
    18. Aiken Drum
    19. Sore Feet
    20. For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
    21. Scarborough Fair
    22. Yankee Doodle
    23. Yankee Doodle Dandy

If you would like extra help practicing your recorder, check out this PDF:

If you need help figuring out pitches and durations, check out this PDF:

If you need help figuring out recorder fingerings, check out this PDF:

If you need help keeping a steady beat while singing/playing/practicing, CLICK HERE for the METRONOME.

Remember to have FUN and to bring your questions to Dr. Manovski! :)